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Life is Like a Boat
05 June 2007 @ 12:03 am
I didn't want to clutter my normal LJ (kiriska) or any of the other journals I have, so I made a new account here.

Right now, this journal plays host to somewhat-standalone excerpts from the five-year old ever-Untitled story of mine that contains way too much crap, though now I've kind of just taken to referring to it as "Likeaboat," which works well enough, I guess. It all started when I got bored at work and started writing about these characters again. And then I decided that I really liked the choppy, timeline-jumping, achronological, slice of life presentation style and kept at it. So here's that.

The story itself is kind of hard to explain, I think. The way I'm writing it now shifts POVs between three central characters and details moments from certain times in their lives. I think it makes for an interesting way of viewing their relationships with each other and other characters whose perspectives we don't see. The first character is a runaway with a messed up past; the second was probably forced to grow up too fast, and the last one appears normal at first glance, and maybe he really is normal, but who knows how to define that term these days. The story takes place in present-day Manhattan with some events in the outer boroughs and tentatively, Ithaca.

All actual posts will writing will be f-locked, so let me know if you want in on it. I would prefer that I knew you personally, though you're more than welcomed to ask anyway. Also, I'd prefer if you actually commented on entries because it's nice to know who's read what, even if you don't have anything particularly insightful to say. Much thanks. :3
Music: "Possession" - JYONGRI